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Polish television online

04.07.2019 15:27

Polish television online

When was the last time you’ve been to Poland? PolBox.TV can take you there at any minute. This is one of the leading providers of Polish TV online . With the service, you get 24/7 access to TV channels and movies in the Polish language. PolBox.TV is a source of Polish cultural heritage for your family, and especially for the younger generation which is raised outside Poland. Watch PolBox.TV and stay in touch with your homeland.

Internet TV: everything is possible

Polish television online is a relatively new type of TV. Users can get access to TV online anywhere they connect to the internet. Meaning not only the geographical location but also all kinds of devices they are using: smartphone, tablet, PC and naturally the traditional TV set.
As a result, to watch the live broadcast is just one of the opportunities. Along with that, one can save streamed programs to the archive, and keep them there for two weeks to be able to see them whenever they wish to. One can also adjust the TV schedule of the channels to their current time zone, and watch the programs according to this schedule.

Polish TV via the Internet – your direct connection to Poland

Internet TV is the service that unites the advantages of modern television entertainment with the capabilities of Internet streaming and cutting edge computer software.
PolBox.TV offers access to more than 100 Polish channels, as well as 3000+ HD quality movies in the Polish language. The package is additionally supplied with access to the most popular Polish radio stations.
If the TV interests of members of your family collide, all of you can simultaneously watch different kinds of streaming on separate devices. This option is called Multiroom.
You can also use the parental lock function which helps you to control the content your children are seeing.

Polish television online: always there for you

Polish television online adapts to the customer in every possible way. You do not need cables or satellite dishes to install the equipment.
As a result, it takes only a second to organize a warm family get-together around a football match broadcast. On the other hand, you are never lonely because you can easily entertain yourself watching TV when e.g. waiting for someone in a car or being in some remote location far from home.
So tune into PolBox.TV, and take pride in being Polish over and over again!
Join the PolBox.TV world, the community of Poles enjoying their uninterrupted connection with their Homeland!

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