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• ISO 22000:2018 
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LAN Local Area Network. A system for linking several PCs into a single system with a File Server PC that keeps a central database. Some databases are located on LANs.
Laser letter A letter produced on a Laser Printer. Very clean and neat looking. Possible to have unlimited personalization of the text of the letter.
Lead A prospect who has responded is called a Lead.
Lead Conversion Rate The percentage of leads which become customers.
Lead Tracking The process of keeping up with what has happened to a lead (prospect who has expressed an interest in your product or service). Lead tracking is very difficult because salesmen hate to report on the status of leads.
Legible - Разборчивый сущ. достаточно отчетливый, ясный, понятный, чтобы быть прочитанным
Lettershop An independent company that handles all the details of printing and mailing letters.
Liaison - Взаимодействие сущ. коммуникация и сотрудничество
License trade Лицензионная торговля - международная торговля технологиями, включающая сделки с "ноу-хау", патентами и лицензиями на изобретения.
Lifestyle Lifestyle data about a neighborhood comes from clustering. If a significant number of people in a given cluster have taken a foreign trip, it is assumed that all similar households have done this. It is a lifestyle attribute. Included are magazines read, TV programs watched, etc.
Lifetime value The contribution to overhead and profit made by a customer during her total relationship with your company. Abbreviation: LTV.
Lift The improvement in response from a mailing due to modeling and segmentation. Divide the response from a segment by the overall response, subtract 1 and multiply by 100.
List Names and addresses of individuals and/or companies having in common a specific interest, characteristic or activity.
List Broker A specialist who makes all necessary arrangements for one company to use the list(s) of another company. A broker's services may include most, or all, of the following: research, selection, recommendation and subsequent evaluation.
List cleaning The process of correcting and/or removing a name and/or address from a mailing list because it is no longer correct. Term is also used in the identification and elimination of house list duplication.

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