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3M [muda, muri, mura]
4M [man, materials, maсhines, methods]
3P [people, process, product]
3W [who? what? when?]
4P [product, price, place, promotion]
4S [seri, seiton, seiketsu, seiso]
5 0 [zero defects, zero inventory, zero set up time, zero down time, zero paper]
5W, 1 H [what?, why?, where?, when?, who?, how?]
6W [what?, where?, when?, who?, which way?, why?]
AAI [average amount of inspection]
AALA (A2LA) [American Association of Laboratory Accreditation]
AB [accreditation body]
ABB [activity-based budgeting]
ABC-ABB-ABM [activity-based costing, budgeting and management]
ABCB [Association of British Certification Bodies]
ABPI [administrative business process improvement]
ABS [American Bureau of Standards]
AC [acceptance number]
ACEA [Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects]
ACEC [Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility]
ACET [Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications]
ACIL [American Council of Independent Laboratories]
ACL [acceptance control limits]
ACN [advance change notice]
ACOS [Advisory Committee on Safety]
ACS [Association of Consulting Scientists]
ACSI [American Consumer Satisfaction Index]
AD [approaches and deployment]
Add. [addendum]
AEC [Atomic Energy Commission]
AECC [Associación española para la calidad]
AENOR [Associación española de normalizatión y Certificacion]
AER [acceptable error rate]
AFNOR [Association française de normalisation]
AHG [ad hoc group]
AIAG [Automotive Industry Action Group]
AICQ [Associazione italiana per la qualità]
AIWM [American Institute of Weights and Measures]
A2LA [American Association for Laboratory Accreditation]
Amd. [amendment]
ANEC [European Association for CoOrdination of Consumer Representation in Standardization]
ANFIA [Associazione nazionale fra industrie automobilistiche]
ANOM [analysis of means]
ANOVA [analysis of variance]
ANSI [American National Standards Institute]
AOAC [Association of Official Analytical Chemists]
AOQ [average outgoing quality]
AOQL [average outgoing quality limit]
APEC SCSC [Asia Pacific Economic Co-Operation, Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance]
API [American Petroleum Institute]
APICS [American Production and Inventory Control Society]
APO [Asian Productive Organization]
APP [advanced procurement planning]
APQ [Portuguese Association for Quality]
APQP [advanced product quality planning]
APQP/CP [advanced product quality planning and control plan]
APQS [American Productivity & Quality Center]
AQL [acceptable quality level]
AQMCI [Association of Quality Management Consultants International]
AQP [Association for Quality and Participation]
ARL [average run length]
asap [as soon as possible]
ASB [associated body]
ASI [American Supplier Institute]
ASN [average sample number]
ASQ [American Society for Quality]
ASQC [American Society for Quality Control]
ASTM [American Society for Testing Materials]
ASTMS [Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs]
ATI [average total inspected]
ATTF [Arabic translation task force]
AWI [approved work item]
BA [business assurance]
BASD [business action for sustainable development]
BASEEFA [British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres]
BB [Black Belt]
BEAB [British Electrotechnical Approvals Board]
BEM [business excellence model]
BIB [balanced incomplete block design]
BIML [Bureau international de métrologie légale]
BIPM [Bureau international des poids et mesures фр., International Bureau of Weights and Measures]
BIS [Bureau of Indian Standards]
BITE [built-in test equipment]
BM [business management]
BMTA [British Measurement and Testing Association]
BNE [bottleneck engineering]
BNM [Bureau national de métrologie]
BNQP [Baldridge National Quality Program]
BOA [board of administrators]
BOD [board of directors]
BOK [body of knowledge]
BPI [business process improvement]
BPMS [business process management system]
BPR [business process reengineering]
BQA [British Quality Award]
BQE [base quality element]
BQF [British Quality Foundation]
BSC [balanced scorecard]
BSI [British Standards Institution]
BSI 5759
BSR [board of standard review]
BT [Bureau technique]
BVQI [Bureau Veritas Quality International]
C [concentration]
CAB [Conformity Assessment Body]
CAD [computer-aided design]
CAE [computer-aided engineering]
CAG [chairman’s advisory group]
CAI [Czech Accreditation Institute]
CALS [continuous acquisition and life cycle support]
CAM [computer-aided manufacturing]
CAR [corrective action recommendation]
CASCO [Committee on Conformity Assessment]
CASE [computer-aided software (system) engineering]
CASS [conformity assessment of safety systems]
CAT [corrective action team]
CBI [Confederation of British Industry]
CBS [cost breakdown structure]
CBT [computer-based training]
CCA [CENELEC Certification Agreement]
CCC [CEN – Certification Committee]
CCE [Commission of the European Communities]
CCFA [Comité des constructeurs français d’automobiles]
CCM [comprehensive complaints management]
CCP [critical control point]
CCQS [California Council for Quality & Service]
CDR [critical design review]
CECED [European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Domestic Equipment]
CEDAC [cause and effect diagram with addition of cards]
CEFIC [European Council of Chemical Manufacturers’ Federations]
CEN [Comité européen de normalization]
CENCER [Certification Committee of CEN]
CENELEC [European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization]
CEO [chief executive officer]
CEOC [European Confederation of Independent Inspecting Bodies]
CEQ [Council on Environmental Quality]
CFS [critical success factors]
CId [configuration identification]
CIIA [Council of Independent Inspecting Authorities]
CIP [clean-in-place process]
CIPD [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development]
CIPM [Comité international des poids et mesures]
CIS BV [Commodity Inspection Services of Bureau Veritas]
CIT [countries in transition]
CLEPA [Comité de liaison de la construction d’équipment et de pièces d’automobiles]
CM [configuration management]
CMM [capability maturity model]
CMMI [capability maturity model integration]
CMN [certification monitoring network]
CMP [configuration management plan]
CNACR [China National Accreditation Council for Registrars]
COFRAC [Comité français d’accréditation]
COPANT [Pan American Standards Commission]
COPIS [customer, output, process, input, supplier]
COPOLCO [Committee on Consumer Policy]
COPQ [cost of poor quality]
COQ [cost of quality]
Corr. [corrigendum]
COSQ [cost of software quality]
COTENNSISCAL [National Committee for Standardization of Quality Management Systems]
Cp [capability index for a stable process]
CPI [cost performance index]
CPD [continual professional development]
Cpk [minimum process capability index]
CPL [lower capability index]
CPM [critical path method]
Cpm [capability index that takes into account the location of the mean]
CPQ [corrective patch quality]
CPU [upper capability index]
CQA [certified quality auditor]
CQI [continual quality improvement]
CQM [center for quality management]
CRB [certification & registration body]
CRP [consumer’s risk point]
CRQ [consumer’s risk quality]
CRs [customer requirements]
CS [central secretariat]
CSA [configuration status accounting]
CSM [customer satisfaction measurement]
CSR [corporate social responsibility]
CSRP [customer synchronized resource planning]
CTL [Committee of Testing Laboratories]
CTQ [critical to quality]
CUI [Committee of User Inspectorates]
CUSUM [cumulative sum]
CV [curriculum vitae]
CWQC [company wide quality control]
DAD [draft addendum]
DAmd [draft amendment]
DANAK [Denmark Accreditation]
DAR [Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat]
DATech [Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Technik eingetragener Verein]
DAV [date of availability]
DCCG [developing countries contact group]
D & D [design and development]
Dept. [department]
DEVSA [define, evaluate, validate, systematize, act]
DFA [design for assembly]
DFE [design for environment]
DFM [design for manufacturing]
DGQ [Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V.]
DHF [design history file]
DIS [draft international standard]
DMAIC [Definition. Measurement. Analysis. Improvement. Control]
DNV [Det Norske Veritas]
DOE [design of experiments]
DP [draft proposal]
DPMO [defects per million opportunities]
DQS [Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen, Qualitäts und Umweltgutachter]
DR [design review]
DS [Dansk Standardiseringsraad]
DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] (NAMASExecutive)
DTR [draft technical report]
DVP and R [design verification plan and report]
EA [European Accreditation]
EAC [European Accreditation of Certification]
EACC [EA Certification Committee]
EAF [European Accreditation Forum]
EAL [European Co-Operation for Accreditation of Laboratories]
EAPA [engineering approved product authorization]
EARA [Environmental Auditors Registration Association]
EASO [environmental assessment of sites and organizations]
EBIT [earnings before interest and taxes]
EC [European Community]
ECAP [European Conformity Assessment Protocols]
EC-DGE [European Commission – Directorate General for Enterprise]
ECI [environmental condition indicator]
ECISS [European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardization]
ECITC [European Committee for IT Testing and Certification]
ECMA [Standardizing Information and Communications Systems]
ECSI [European Customer Satisfaction Index]
Ed. [edition]
EDA [exploratory data analysis]
EDI [electronic data interchange]
EEAB [EA Advisory Board]
EEC [European Economic Community]
EEE [electrical and electronic equipment]
EEM [enabler-effect-map]
EF [earliest finish]
EFAC [European Federation of Associations of Certification Bodies]
EFCA [European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Association]
EFQM [European Foundation for Quality Management]
EFTA [European Free Trade Association]
EI [employee involvement]
EIA [Electronic Industries Association]
ELOT [Hellenic Organization for Standardization]
ELSECOM [European Electrotechnical Sectoral Committee for Testing and Certification]
EMC [electromagnetic compatibility]
EMI [early manufacturing involvement]
EN 29000
ENAC [Spain Accreditation]
EOCA [European Organization for Conformity Assessment]
EOQ [European Organization for Quality]
EOTA [European Organization for Technical Approvals]
EOTC [European Organization for Testing and Certification]
EP [engineering procedure]
EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]
EPAss [environmental product assessment]
EPP [environmental protection programme]
ERP [enterprise resource planning]
ESPRIT [European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology]
ETSI [European Telecommunication Standards Institute]
ETUC [European Trade Union Confederation]
EURACHEM [Co-Operation for Analytical Chemistry in Europe]
EUROLAB [Organization for Testing in Europe]
EUROMET [European Collaboration on Measurement Standards]
EVA [economic value added]
EVOP [evolutionary operation]
EXCO [executive committee]
FA [functional audit]
FAB [federal accreditation body]
FAO [Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN]
FAQ’s [frequently asked questions]
FCA [functional configuration audit]
FCI [failure cost index]
FCS [full certification scheme]
FDA [Food and Drug Administration]
FDIS [final draft of international standard]
FEA [finite element analysis]
FEACO [European Federation of Management Consultancy Associations]
FFA [force field analysis]
FIDIC [International Federation of National Association of Independent Consulting Engineers]
FIEV [Federation des industries des équipments pour véhicules]
FIFO [first-in-first-out]
FINAS [Finnish Accreditation Service]
FMEA [failure mode and effects analysis]
FMECA [failure mode, effects and criticality analysis]
FMO [full member organization]
FPQ [feature patch quality]
FQR [formal qualification review]
FSB [Federation of Small Business]
FTA [fault tree analysis]
FVTF [future vision task force]
G & A [general and administrative]
GB [green belt]
GD and T [geometric dimensioning and tolerancing]
GHP [good hygiene practice]
GIGO [garbage-in – garbage-out]
GLP [good laboratory practice]
GMP [Good Manufacturing Practice]
GPSD [Directive on General Product Safety]
GUM [Guide to the Estimation Uncertainty in Measurement]
HACCP [hazard analysis and critical control point system]
HAZOP [hazard and operability study]
HD [harmonization document]
HR [human resources]
HRM [human resources manager]
HRS [human resources]
IAAC [Interamerican Accreditation CoOperation]
IAAR [US Association of Accredited Registrars]
IADA [International Anti-Doping Arrangement]
IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency]
IAF [International Accreditation Forum]
IAG [internal appraisal group]
IAKI [I – already – know – it]
IAOB [International Automotive Oversight Bureau]
IAQ [International Academy for Quality]
IATCA [International Auditor and Training Certification Association]
IATF [International Automotive Task Force]
ICS [international classification for standards]
ICSCA [Industry Co-Operation on Standards and Conformity Assessment]
ICSH [International Council for Standardization in Haematology]
ICT [information and communication technology]
ID [Interrelationship Digraph]
IDP [integrated data processing]
IEC [International Electrotechnical Commission]
IECEE [IEC System for Conformity Testing to Standards for Safety of Electrical Equipment]
IECQ-CECC [European and International Harmonized System of Quality Assessment for Electronic Components]
IEEE [Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers]
IEEE-CS [Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Computer Society]
IERS [International Environment Rating System]
IFAN [International Federation of Standards Users]
IFCC [International Federation of Clinical Chemistry]
IFIP [International Federation for Information Processing]
IIOC [Independent International Organization for Certification]
IIP [investors in people]
IISE [Industry Initiative for Sustainable Environment]
IIW [International Institute for Welding]
ILAC [International Laboratory Accreditation Conference]
ILO [International Labour Organization]
IMD [International Institute for Management Development]
IMQ [Istituto italiano del marchio di qualità]
IMS [integrated management system]
INCITS [International Committee for Information Technology Standards]
INCOSE [International Council on Systems Engineering]
INFCO [Committee on Information Systems and Services]
INLAC [Latin American Institute of Quality Assurance]
INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service]
ins [insurance]
IOE [International Organization of Employers]
IPA [in-process audit]
IPMA [International Project Management Association]
IPQ [Instituto português da qualidade]
IQA [Institute of Quality Assurance]
IQL [indifference quality level]
IQMA [International Quality Management Association]
IQNET [International Network for Quality System Assessment and Certification]
IQRS [International Quality Rating System]
IRAM [Instituto argentiono de normalización]
IRCA [International Register of Certificated Auditors]
IRM [information risk management]
IRMM [Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements]
ISIC [International Student Identity Card]
ISIS [integrated scientific information system]
ISO [International Organization for Standardization]
ISO 9000
ISO 9001
ISO 9004
ISO Ref. [International Organization for Standardization reference]
ISONET [ISO Information Network]
ISRS [International Security Rating System]
ISSS [Information Society Standardization System]
ISTO [International Standardized Testing Organization]
IT [information technology]
ITAAF [implementation, testing, analysis and fixing]
ITIC [International Teacher Identity Card]
ITQS [Multilateral Recognition Agreement for Assessment and Certification of Quality System in the Information Technology Sector]
ITSTC [Information Technology Steering Committee]
ITU [International Telecommunication Union]
IUIS [International Union of Immunological Societies]
IUPAC [International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry]
IWA [International Workshop Agreement]
IYTC [International Youth Travel Card]
JAB [Japan Accreditation Board]
JACB [Japan Association of Certification Bodies]
JAMA [Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association]
JCAHO [Joint Committee for Accreditation of Health Organizations]
JFEA [Japan Federation of Employers Association]
JIMA [Japan Industrial Management Association]
JIS [Japanese industrial standard]
JISC [Japanese Industrial Standard Committee]
JIT [just-in-time]
JQA [Japan Quality Assurance Organization]
JSA [Japanese Standards Association]
JSQC [Japan Society for Quality Control]
JTC [Joint Technical Committee]
JTG [Joint Coordination Group]
JUSE [Japan Union of Scientists and Engineers]
JWG [joint working group]
k [acceptability constant], [acceptance constant]
KalDer [Turkish Society for Quality]
KCC [key control characteristic]
KCDS [key characteristics designation system]
KDI [Stichting Kvaliteitsdienst]
KM [knowledge management]
KPA [key process area]
KPC [key product characteristic]
KPI [key performance indicator]


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