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LCA [life cycle assessment]
LCC [life cycle costing]
LCIA [life cycle impact assessment]
LCIE [Laboratoire central des industries électriques]
LCM [loss-causation model]
LEA [Lean Enterprise Academy]
LEI [Lean Enterprise Institute]
LF [latest finish]
LIS [laboratory information system]
L-member [liaison member]
LRQA [Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance]
LQ [limiting quality]
LQL [limiting quality level]
LRS [long-range strategy]
LS [latest start]
LSL [low specification limit]
LT [lead time]
LTBA [long-term business assurance]
LTPD [lot tolerance percent defective]
LUTI [learn, use, teach, inspect]
MAQ [quality assurance manual]
MAR [maximum average range]
MAT [materials control]
MBB [master black belt]
MBNQA [Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award]
MBO [management by objectives]
MBTI [Myers-Briggs type indicator]
MC [management committee]
MCA [maximum concentration allowed]
MCR [Management Consultants Register]
MD [managing director]
METI [Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry]
MFG [manufacturing]
MFQ [Mouvement français pour la qualité]
MGMT [upper management]
MITI [Ministry of International Trade and Industry]
MJVP [mutual joint visit programme]
MKT [marketing and sales department]
MLA MC [MLA Management Committee]
MMS [management system standard]
MNL [maximum noise level allowed]
MoD [Ministry of Defence]
MoU [memorandum of understanding]
MoU Group [Memorandum of Understanding Group]
MPI [management performance indicator]
MPM [multi-pickup method]
MPSD [maximum process standard deviation]
MQC [Michigan Quality Council]
MR [management representative]
MRA [mutual recognition agreement]
MS [management system]
MSA [measurement system analysis]
MSS [management system standard]
MSSD [maximum sample standard deviation]
MSTQ [systems for measurement, standards, testing and quality]
MTBA [mean time between assistance]
MTBF [mean time between failures]
MTQM [Master of TQM]
MTTA [mean time to assistance]
MTTF [mean time to failure]
MTTR [mean time to repair]
MVA [market value added]
N/A [not applicable]
NAB [National Accreditation Board]
NACCB [National Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies]
NAFLIC [National Association of Leisure Industry Certification]
NAMAS [National Measurement Accreditation System]
NCB [national certification body]
NCC [National Consumer Council]
NCQA [National Committee for Quality Assurance]
NCQM [National Centre for Quality Management]
NDT [non-destructive test(ing)]
NEN [Nederlands Normalisatie-institut]
NGO [non-governmental organization]
NGOF [non-governmental organization forum]
NGO-TG [non-governmental organization task group]
NGT [nominal group technique]
NIH [not invented here]
NILGQ [National Industries Liaison Group for Quality]
NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology]
NML [national metrology laboratory]
NORMAPME [European Office of Craft/Trades and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises for Standardization]
NPO [National Partner Organization]
NPR [number of problem reports]
NPV [net present value]
NQIC [National Quality Information Centre]
NRSAQS [National Registration Scheme for Assessors of Quality Systems]
NRTL [nationally recognized testing laboratory]
NS [national standard]
NSAI [National Standards Authority of Ireland]
NSB [national standards body]
NSSN [National Standards System Network]
NTR [notification of test results]
NWML [National Weights and Measures Laboratory]
NYP [not yet published]
OAR [operational acceptance review]
OC [operating characteristic]
OEM [original equipment manufacturer]
OH & S [occupational health and safety]
OHIM [Office for Harmonization of Internal Market]
OHSAS [occupation health and safety assessment series]
OIML [International Organization of Legal Metrology]
OJT [on-the-job-training]
O-member [observer member]
OMG [object management group]
ÖN [Österreichisches Normungsinstitut]
ÖVE [Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik]
ÖVQ [Österreichische Vereinigung für Qualitätssicherung]
P and P3 [Policies and Procedures, Issue 3]
PAC [Policy Advisory Committee]
PAQC [policy and quality council]
PAS [publicly available specifications]
PASC [Pacific Area Standards Congress]
PBIB [partially balanced incomplete block design]
PBPI [product business process improvement]
PBS [product breakdown structure]
PC [programming committee]
PCF [process capability fraction]
PCI [process capability index]
PDC [policy development committee]
PDCA [Plan – Do – Check – Act]
PDM [product data management]
PDPC [process decision programme chart]
PDR [preliminary design review]
PECA [European Conformity Assessment Protocols]
PERT [programme evaluation and review technique]
PFTF [plenary funding task force]
PHA [preliminary hazard analysis]
PIES [prevent – implement – evaluate – standardize]
PIQC [process integrated quality system]
PL [product line]
PM [planned maintenance]
P-member [participating member]
P/N [part number]
PO [process owner]
POC [price of conformance]
PONC [price of nonconformance]
Pp, Ppk, PPL, PPU, Ppm
PPAP [production part approval process]
Ppk [minimum process performance index]
PPM [process performance management]
ppm [parts per million]
PPP [profit, people, planet]
PR [producer’s risk]
PRAQ [regional programmes on quality assurance]
PRF [proof of a new international standard]
PRP [producer’s risk point]
PRQ [producer’s risk quality]
PRR [production readiness review]
PSI [product support initiative]
PSR [product specification review]
PVT [product verification tests]
Q [quality]
QA [quality assurance]
QAP [quality assurance procedure]
QAR [qualification acceptance review]
QAS [Quality Assurance Services]
QA-SMEDA [Quality Assurance – Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agencies]
QBS [quality breakdown structure]
QC [quality control]
QCB [quality certification bureau]
QCD [quality, cost and delivery]
QCFI [Quality Circle Forum of India]
QCI [quality cost index]
QCP [quality control plan]
QDS [quality, dependability and statistics]
QEMA [Association of Quality, Engineering & Manufacturing]
QFD [quality function deployment]
QI [quality improvement]
QIP [quality improvement project]
QIPM [quality improvement process management]
QIPT [quality improvement project team]
QIT [quality improvement team]
QLF [quality loss function]
QM [quality management]
QMM [quality management manual]
QMS [quality management system]
QOS [quality operating system]
QPDS [quality, price, delivery, service]
QPL [quality plan level]
QR [quality rating]
QSA [Quality Society of Australasia]
QSF [Quality Scotland Foundation]
QSP [quality system procedure]
QSRD [quality system registration division]
OTD [on-time delivery]
QuEST [Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications]
RAB [Registrar Accreditation Board]
RADAR [results, approach, development, assessment and review]
RAG [red, amber, green]
RAMS [reliability, availability, maintainability and safety]
RAPEX [rapid exchange]
RCA [root cause analysis]
RE [rejection number]
REMCO [Committee on Reference Materials]
RFI [request for interpretation]
RI [relative importance]
RM [reference material]
RMLAs [Regional Multilateral Agreements]
RNC [report of non-conformance]
ROE [return on equity]
ROI [return on investment]
ROIC [return on investment capital]
ROQ [Russian Organization for Quality]
ROSE [robust organizational system engineering]
RPL [rejectable process level]
RPN [risk priority number]
R&R [repeatability and reliability]
RVA [Netherlands Accreditation]
RvC [Road voor de Certificatie]
SAA [Standards Association of Australia]
SABS [South African Bureau of Standards]
SAC [Standardization Administration for China]
SADT [structured analysis and design technique]
SAE [American Society of Automotive Engineers]
SAFed [Safety Assessment Federation]
SAG [Strategic Advisory Group]
SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group on Environment]
SANZ [Standards Association of New Zealand]
SAQ [Swiss Association for the Promotion of Quality]
SAS [Swiss Accreditation Service]
SCC [Standards Council of Canada]
SCOPE [Software Certification Programme in Europe]
SDCA [Standardize – Do – Check – Act]
SDE [statistical design of experiments]
SDIS [standards developer’s information site]
SDoC [self-declaration of conformity]
SDOs [standards development organizations]
SDR [system design review]
SDWT [self-directed work team]
SEMI [Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International]
SFS [Suomen Standardisoimisliitto]
SGS [Société générale de surveillance]
SII [Standards Institution of Israel]
SINAL [Sistema nazionale per l’ accreditamento di laboratori]
SINCERT [Sistema nazionale per l’ accreditamento degli organismi di certificazione e ispezione]
SIPOC [Supplier. Input. Process. Output. Customer]
SISIR [Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research]
SMART [specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based]
SMED [single minute exchange of dies]
SMMT [Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders]
SNV [Schweizerischen Normen Vereinigung]
SOM [system outage measurement]
SOP [standard operating procedure]
SoS [Secretary of State]
SP [service procedure]
SPA [supplier performance assessment]
SPC [statistical process control]
SPD [sub-process description]
SPG [strategic planning group]
SPI [sub-process instruction]
SQ [service quality]
SQAP [software quality assurance plan]
SQuaRE [Software product quality requirements and evaluation]
SQC [statistical quality control]
SQE [Software Quality Engineering]
SQRTF [Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force]
SRR [system requirement review]
SSQ [Society for Software Quality]
SSR [softwire specifications review]
STS [ship-to-stock]
Suppl. [supplement]
SWEDAC [Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment]
SWOT [strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats]
SWU [software update quality]
TACIS [Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States]
TAG [Technical Advisory Group]
TARP [technical assistance research programme]
TBT [Technical Barriers to Trade]
TC [technical committee]
TCE [total cost expectation]
TCG [terminology coordination group]
TF [task force]
TG [task group]
TGA [Trägergemeinschaft für Akkreditierung]
TIA [Telecommunications Industry Association]
TICQA [testing, inspection, certification and quality assurance information]
TL [team leader]
TMB [Technical Management Board]
TOC [theory of constrains]
TOP [technology and organizational performance mapping]
TOU [test of understanding]
TPM [total productive maintenance]
TQ [total quality]
TQM [total quality management]
TQMG [Total Quality Management Group]
TR [technical report]
TRR [test readiness review]
TSE [Turkish Standards Institution]
TSS [technical services]
TSTP [Target-Oriented Scientific and Technical Programme]
TTA [technology trends assessment]
TTF [twinning task force]
TTM [time to market]
TTP [trusted third parties]
TÜV [Technische Überwachung Verein]
UCL [upper control limit]
UILI [International Union of Independent Laboratories]
UKAS [United Kingdom Accreditation Service]
UL [Underwriters Laboratories]
UNECE [United Nations Economic Commission for Europe]
UNEP [United Nations Environmental Programme]
UNI [Ente nazionale italiano di unificazione]
UNICE [Union des industries de la communauté européenne]
USL [upper specification limit]
VA [value analysis]
VAT [value-added tax]
VC [voice of customer]
VIM [International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology]
VOC [voice of customer]
VOE [voice of engineer]
WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency]
WASP [World Association of Societies of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology]
WBS [work breakdown structure]
WECC [Western European Calibration Co-Operation]
WELAC [Western European Laboratory Accreditation Co-Operation]
WELMEC [Western European Legal Metrology Co-Operation]
WG [working group]
WGI [working group interpretation]
WHO [World Health Organization]
WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization]
WSC [World Standards Co-Operation]
WTO [World Trade Organization]
ZD [zero defects]